Ca' Vescovado has been producing numerous varieties of wine since the mid-1900s; a high quality brand in this world-renowned wine region of Veneto.

In the cellar, our expert winemakers perform their ancient art of choosing the best bunches of grapes picked during the harvest for their transformation into wine. The end product is therefore the result of a long and laborious process, that goes from the crushing of the grapes to obtaining the must which, after fermentation and vinification, is left to rest and age in oak barrels.

The rediscovery and preservation of ancient wine-making practices, along with the innovation of the technologies used, mean that in our bottles you will discover a truly fine product just as tradition dictates, but whose production process is managed with the support of 4.0 technology.

Knowledge of the raw material, waiting for the necessary time and the alternation of the seasons are fundamental preconditions that our winemakers respect to obtain a quality product.
Respect for the uniqueness of the territory

Our ties to the land and our love for it drive us to make a commitment to eco-sustainability. A form of gratitude and respect for nature that generously gives us the raw material that we transform into wine with passion and dedication. This is accompanied by the conversion process under way at our vineyards with a view to obtaining the ORGANIC certification, hopefully for the 2021 harvest.

Respect for the uniqueness of the territory is also demonstrated by the renovation of the building that houses our cellar, a project undertaken with the aim of maintaining the original structure intact: our old farmhouse with adjoining stable and barn is built of the typical red stone of the Venetian-Friulian countryside.

Preparing the land could be considered almost like one of the liberal arts, a sort of poem or painting. William Wordsworth